Prosecco Treviso Doc Millesimato


The Italian Prosecco D.O.C. Millesimato/Vintage is a sparkling white wine produced with the “Glera” grape variety, cultivated in the best areas of the Treviso province (Conegliano), where the environmental and earthly conditions are subjected to particulars qualitative aspects. The style of the bottle is elegant and refined, perfect for unique moments and special occasions. For this reason it’s recommend to serve with a suitable goblet, ideal is a tulip flute that facilitate the oxygenation of the wine, emitting the characteristic aromas of this precious wine.
The wine pours a bright straw yellow colour, with some greenish hints, the nose is pleasant, amiable exalts the Golden apple and citrus fruit tinges. It has a fresh flavour, and to the palate the wine is pleasant and harmonious.

Serving Suggestions: An ideal aperitif wine (alone or inside cocktails like Aperol spritz, Bellini, Martini royale etc.), goes well with appetizers, white meats and fish.

Serving temperature: 7÷9°C

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