About Us

We are producers of Italian sparkling white wine Prosecco DOC Treviso 8cento.

The winery and its production was founded at about the end of the nineteenth century and since then, the following generations have expanded and constantly innovated the company’s image and reality. Attention to quality, respect for the environment, customer care, commitment, have remained unchanged and constant over time.
Within the company, history, culture and tradition cohabit with progress, technological innovation and the most up-to-date machinery.
The production of the Prosecco DOC Treviso 8Cento takes place among the intriguing hills of Conegliano (TV) in Veneto, the area known worldwide as the  cradle of Prosecco and Unesco World Heritage Site.
The production cycle of these prized wines from the hills of Conegliano begins with the supply of the raw material which then follows meticulous processing and laboratory control. The next stages of the process are its fermentation, bottling, finally storage and transportation of these prized wines.

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